25 September 2015



International Association of Theatre Critics
Association internationale des critiques de théâtre
a/s Jean-Pierre Han, 27, rue Beaunier, 75014 Paris,France
ISSN 2409-7411

Critical Stages
/Scènes Critiques is available online to the reader without financial, legal or technical barriers. It is a journal fully committed to the Open Access Initiative. It is a peer-reviewed journal which offers a platform for debate and exploration of a wide range of theatre and performance art manifestations from all over the world. Its editorial board consists of distinguished theatre people from around the world (to view the list of the journal’s editors please visit the “Editorial Board” page of the journal: www.critical-stages.org).
Since its inception in 2009 its global significance has impressively grown. Today, about one million people visit our site per year. Our aim is to make our readers feel that Critical Stages/Scènes Critiques is their “local” webjournal with a global reach. To this end we will continue to document, celebrate, challenge and foster internationally the discipline and the art of theatre criticism, with theatre broadly defined; to employ theatre criticism as a springboard for opening communication between theatre practitioners, theoreticians and the general public; to create “critical space” for the theatre critic to develop and thrive; to increase the general readership for theatre criticism by providing international readers with a source for information and dynamic discussion of themes and trends in contemporary international theatre; to offer a broader practical, aesthetic and theoretical outlet to those interested in recent developments across national and disciplinary boundaries.
To help increase the journal’s accessibility/readership feel free to post on your facebook and/or twitter/webpage our link or forward the link to people who may be interested and encourage them to do the same.
The current issue (#11, June 2015) is partly devoted to contemporary playwriting. Given the plethora of international theatre/performing arts festivals we drafted for our readers a Festival Guide with hundreds of entries. We will keep updating the entries, every time we have information about significant international festivals that skipped our attention. In the same issue there are also very enlightening and inviting performance reviews, book reviews, interviews and essays.
Those interested in having their articles considered for publication should contact () or the editor of the respective section (i.e. performance review, book reviews etc). Once a manuscript is accepted for publication it undergoes language copyediting, typesetting and reference validation in order to provide the highest publication quality possible.
Submissions should not be published earlier or be under consideration for publication while being evaluated for this journal. They must also adhere to the style and ethics of the journal
For more information visit the journal’s official website www.critical-stages.org

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