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CV: Mask/Costume/Set designer, Artistic Researcher Visiting Professor-Dramatic Institute, Stockholm 2007-2010 Born in Greece 1958. EDUCATION -Social Anthropology- Universities of Uppsala and Stockholm, 1977-79. -Film and Media Studies - University of Stockholm, 1980-85. -Theatre and Performance Studies - University of Stockholm, 1980-85. -Mask /Masking Design - Dramatic Institute Stockholm, 1982-85. -Costume and Textile Studies - College for Further Education, Nacka, Sweden 1988-89 - Costume Design/Pattern Design and Cloth Cutting - Academy for Cutters, Stockholm, 1989 PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE 1985-2012: Set/Costume/Mask design in more than 80 theatre productions in Sweden Greece, Spain, Iceland, amongst them: -“Spring Awaking»/Frank Wedekind. Stockholm University College of Acting, 1985 -“Amorosa” film by Mai Zetterling. Sweden 1985 -“We won’t pay. We won’t pay”/Dario Fo, Folkteatern, Gävle 1986 -“The Hairy Ape”/Eugene O’Neill, Folkteatern, Gävle,1987 -“Fatally Dangerous Film», film by Susanne Osten. Stockholm, 1987 “The Horse and the Boy” opera by Jonas Forsell. Norrlandsoperan ,Umeå 1988 -“Oedipus in Karlskoga”/Ingegerd Montan. Västanå Teater ,Västanå 1989 -”The Saga”/Hjalmar Bergman., Riksteatern, Stockholm 1989 -”The Murderess”/A. Papadiamandis. Athens, 1991 -“The Perfect Kiss”/Staffan Göthe. Angeredsteatern, Gothenburg, 1991 -”Red Dawn”/Bengt Pojhanen. Norrbottensteatern ,Luleå 1993 “A Christmas Play” Orionteatern, Stockholm, 1993 -“Dybbuk”/Bruce Meyers. Orionteatern, Stockholm, 1994 -“The Suppliant Maidens”/Aeschylus. Epidauros Theatre Festival 1994. -“Desert”/George Zamboulakis. Greek National Theatre, Athens 1998 -“Medea”/Euripides, Mellby Scenkonst/ Riksteatern, Mellby/Stockholm 1999 -“Aquarians”/Lars Kleberg. Athena Theatre, Athens 1999 -“Oedipus Rex”/Sophocles. Stockholm University College of Acting 2000 -“Oedipus at Colonos”/Sophocles., Helios Theatre Madrid 2001. -“Odyssey”/Homer ,Himlabacken Sweden 2004. -“By the bog of Cats”/Marina Carr , National Theatre of Iceland Reykjavik 2005 -“Bacchae”/Euripides, National Theatre of Iceland, Reykjavik 2007 -“Hydra 2”/Heiner Muller, National Theatre Drama School Athens 2008 -“Dybbuk”/Bruce Meyers, National Theatre Drama School Athens 2010 -‘The Other Side” Event based on Monteverdi’s “Orfeo”, Himlabacken, :Österlen, Sweden 2010 -“Orlando”/Virginia Wolff/ Robert Wilson, National Theatre Drama School, Athens 2011 -“Song Traces and Dreams” Event based on Karl Love Almquist’s “Songes”, Måryd Lund 2011 -“Cretans”/Euripides, 1st Festival of Ancient Greek Drama of the City of Athens 2011 RESEARCH 1.«PROSOPON.The acoustical mask in Ancient Greek tragedy and contemporary theatre.» Dramatic Institute 1990-1995 Research project on the Greek tragic mask in antiquity and in modern theatre, with special emphasis on the relationship between mask / actor’s voice and bodily presence.The project was financed by the Dramatic Institute / Research and Development in the Arts. The report ”PROSOPON” , a video, and a mask exhibition were presented at the Marionettmuseet Stockholm, 1995. Between the years1990-2000 and together with the theatre director George Zamboulakis , Thanos Vovolis have, developed an educational method for actors to work with the acoustical tragic mask 2.«The Mask in the European Theatre of the 20th Century.» Dramatic Institute2007-2010- The research presents an overall view of the mask as a creative medium through the notions of subjectivity, corporeality and theatricality and explores the genealogies of the different mask traditions and working methods of the European theatre of the 20th century and how these are interrelated to each other. Thanos Vovolis was appointed Visiting professor at The Dramatic Institute for the period 2007-2010, leading “The Centre of Mask Research”. ART EXHIBITIONS Installations: - ”Dialogue” House of Culture of The City of Stockholm, Sweden, 1989. -”The Ancient Temple of Divisions” installation, Cheap Art Gallery, Athens 1996. MASK EXHIBITIONS Exhibitions with his theatre masks have been shown at: -Marionettmuseet Stockholm, August-September 1995. -Cultural Centre of the City of Athens, Athens, December 1995. -Foundation for Hellenic Culture, London, April 1996. -Segobriga Theatre Festival, Madrid, May 1996. -The European Cultural Centre of Delphi, July 1996. -Foundation for Greek Culture, Berlin, October 1996. -Frölunda Culture Centre Gothenburg, Sweden, March 1998. -The Archaeological Museum of Seville May 1998. -The Caja Bandajoz Exhibition Hall, Merida, May 1998. - First Ancient Drama Festival of Athens ,September 2011 TEACHING He has led courses in mask use in Sweden, Norway, Greece, Spain, Iceland . He has been a guest teacher at the Dramatic Institute( the Swedish university college for Theatre, Film, and Media) leading the mask and costume design courses in the years 1991, 1993, 1998 , 2001 and 2003, 2005.2007. Together with George Zamboulakis he has lead workshops at: The Royal Holloway College, University of London, 2002. The National Academy of Acting and Mime in Stockholm, 2002. The National Academy of Acting in Malmoe, Sweden, 2002. Methodika Festival, Sweden 2003 National Theater of Iceland 2004 MKFM Festival, Croatia 2005 University of California Davis 2005 and 2006. El Warsha Theatre Group,Kairo,Egypt ,March 2008 Together with George Zamboulakis he had the artistic direction of the Theatre Workshop Festival 2006 , part of the Athens –Epidauros Summer festival 2006. TRANSLATIONS Together with George Zamboulakis he has translated the play ”The Aquarians”, by Lars Kleberg, from Swedish to Greek and Bruce Meyers "Dybbuk" from English to Greek. LECTURES He has lectured on his work and research at, among other places: Marionettmuseet, Stockholm 1995. Stockholm City Theatre, 1996. The Foundation for Hellenic Culture, London, 1996. The Pastor Foundation, Madrid, 1996 ”Compultense”, University of Madrid, 1996 El Warsha Theatre Company, Cairo, 1999,2008 The International Theatre Festival in Amman, Jordan, 2001 Royal Holloway College, University of London 2002. Methodika EducationalTheatre Festival, Mariefred ,Sweden, 2003 The “Mask and Body in Greek Ancient Theatre” Conference, Kings College/Royal Holloway College, University of London,2007. NOTT seminar, Stockholm, 2008 LINKS
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