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by Vangelis Hatzigiannidis

Actress and Director: Anna Kokkinou, Set design and lighting: Nikos Alexiou, Costumes: Christina Mathea, Choreographies: Mariela Nestora, Music: Stella Gadedi

Summary of the play

A black comedy based on a monologue, the play is directed by Anna Kokkinou, who also stars as Rika, a highly gifted seamstress of doll dresses. Using vintage buttons and fabrics, Rika seems to be stuck in a state of unnatural childishness and has great difficulty when it comes to understanding the rest of the world. When something or somebody hurts her, she turns into somebody who can be very scary. Rika, this tortured creature, is fighting with all her strength against her worst enemy: Hate. With all her power, she is resisting against the sweet temptation of malicious thoughts and vengeance. She is and will remain forever a big pink bubble gum - she has made up her mind. But the enemy is stronger. It has sneaked in for good, lives and breaths inside her. A juicy and strawberry flavored gum, but with a drop of poison in the heart.


“…The outstanding modern text of Vangelis Hatzigiannidis finds its ideal formation at the set design of Nikos Alexiou, the costumes of Cristina Mathe, and the absolute performing skills of Anna Kokkinou. The actress fabricates in an excellent manner the persona of La Poupe. A real transformation, a remarkable achievement of imagination, sensitiveness and acting…”
Louiza Arkoumanea
To Vima


Θέατρο Σφενδόνη  

Sfendoni Theatre was created in 1993 at the initiative of Anna Kokkinou, with the help and support of friends with a keen interest in the arts and culture of contemporary Athens. The theatre is situated in the area of Acropoli, near the ancient theatre of Dionysus. Its performances attract a large audience, as it is known to be one of the most respected theatre companies in Athens. We mention a brief history of the performances: 1993: Figures from the work of Vezeinos. The play was staged abroad in different occasions as well. 1995-1998: Iphigeneia en Tauris by Euripides. Three years of ancient greek tragedy. 1999: The triptyche of Cocteau, Dickinson, Beckett (Rockaby) all in one performance. 2000-2002: Greek shadow theatre with live actors. 2003: A Samuel Beckett festival with all his short plays. 2003-2005: Happy Days by Samuel Beckett. 2005-2007: The good person of Szechwan by Bertolt Brecht.


Tsioura Sofia
4 Makri str., 117 42, Athens
T/F: +30 210 9246692,  +30 6937081022








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